A Man Attempts To Kidnap A Toddler, It Was His Siblings Who Came To His Rescue

Do you leave your child at the park or playground to play without supervision? This might not be a good idea after all. The number of child abduction and kidnapping cases are on the rise lately. It is a scary thing to know what might happen to your child and this is one lesson, we don’t want to learn the hard way.

Just recently, in a small and quiet town in Washington, came a shocking news. Caught on the closed circuit television, was a man running down the street. In his arms, was a 22-month-old toddler. Running after the man was a little girl, followed by a boy who was pushing a stroller. That’s not all. Another two teenage boys joined in the pursuit.

What happened?

siblings save toddler from kidnapper

The babysitter had left the children to play by the park, unsupervised, as usual. Apparently, a stranger came by and carried the 22-month-old toddler out of his stroller and ran off. His father was at work when this incident happened.

It was his sister’s screaming and yelling that caught the attention of the passers-by. The two teenage boys, running after the two children, were the ones who came to the rescue. Knowing the danger he was in, the abductor dropped the toddler and fled.

In the video, you can see the stranger carrying the little toddler. Running closely behind the man, was the toddler’s siblings.

It was the siblings’ alertness that stopped his brother from being kidnapped. Sadly, the suspect remains at large in this small town. It’s time to be more alert than ever and never leave your child unattended. Apart from that, It’s also time to educate your child about stranger danger!

Have you heard of such cases or anyone with such experiences? Share them with us below.

By Crystal Tan | Source: ABC News

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