A 31-Year-Old Woman Discovers That She Has Alzheimer And She’s Pregnant

woman has a rare form of alzheimer

When we think about Alzheimer, we thought of someone who is an elderly.

However, that was not the case with Rebecca Doig, a 31 year old woman who lived in Sydney, Australia. She was the youngest to be diagnosed with a rare type of Alzheimer.

2 years ago, she was the life of the party, this bright and bubbly lady has transformed into a complete stranger to her husband, Scott Doig. ‘She is like an 80-year-old going on five years old,’ he said. ‘She needs care 24/7. Her frontal, parietal and temporal lobes have all shrunk. She’s lost her recent memory and emotions – inspiration, joy, happiness,’ Scott commented.

While seeking treatment, they were shocked to discover that Rebecca is pregnant. However, Rebecca’s rare form of Alzheimer had advanced so quickly that she could not recognize her baby daughter, Emily. She was also unable to look after herself and needed extra care.

“Scott feels that She has gone from being an independent, outgoing and bright young woman to someone who doesn’t recognise her own newborn daughter” as reported in Dailymail. And the road ahead seems bumpy.

15 months after the birth of Emily, Rebecca lost her battle with this dreaded disease. Such a sad thing to happen to a young couple, a young family. We know Rebecca’s spirit will live on in the family. Have you know anyone who had the same disease, share with us by commenting below.

By Crystal Tan | Source: DailyMail

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