Devastating News: Baby Dies After His Head Was Crushed During Bungled Forceps Delivery

Nine months of anticipation, ended in tragedy for Mom Hannah and Dad Martin Beaty.Their little baby died after his head was crushed during a bungled forceps delivery in a UK hospital.

Baby Thomas Beaty, survived for merely 26 hours after being delivered by emergency Caesarean section, following five failed attempts to deliver him using forceps. Doctors have to push him back into the womb after the failed attempts, so as to perform emergency Caesarean section. It was later revealed that baby Thomas died from head injuries sustained from the repeated use of forceps. It is such a devastating news for the parents.

It was reported in the news that the hospital did not follow the national guideline, which state that the forceps should be abandoned after the third attempt.

‘We wanted answers, we wanted the hospital to be accountable for what they had done, but we also wanted change so that other families wouldn’t have to go through what happened to us,” Hannah said, as reported in Daily Mail. The family is still grieving for the loss of their baby.

Another similar case happened to Mom Lisa Parkisson. She died in the same hospital 48 hours after delivery too. In fact, “deaths of seven babies and three mums across Royal Oldham and North Manchester maternity units in the space of just eight months” have been reported.

Both hospitals managed under Pennine Acute NHS Trust, have introduced a new maternity services improvement plan, where new guidelines are introduced regarding the use of forceps during delivery and to retrain healthcare staff involved in maternity delivery and care.

By Crystal Tan | Source: Daily Mail

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