He Lives In A Slum With No Electricity, But He Studies Hard Everyday To Realize His Dreams

A picture taken of a child studying outside a fast food restaurant, has gone viral. What’s the reason behind his story?

Nine-year-old, Daniel Cabrera’s story will touched your heart. His determination and attitude towards life, is really worth catching.

Daniel was completing his homework outside a McDonald’s restaurant in a city in the Philippines. This picture above was captured by a college girl who happened to pass by. She shared the picture online as a reminder to herself on how privilege she was, to be blessed with a conducive environment to study. This boy serves as an inspiration too, reminding herself to study harder for her exams.

Daniel has to study outside the McDonald’s restaurant because he has no lamp at home for him to work on his homework.

Daniel is a homeless little boy who lives in a shack with his step-brothers and mother. The three other brothers were from the previous marriage. The shack was just at the back of a food stall where their mother works. Their home was burned down in a fire five years ago. Daniel’s mother became the sole provider for the family after their father died from a severe diarrhea in the prison cell.

According to the DailyMail, Daniel’s dream is to become a doctor or policeman.

Hope and donations have poured in for Daniel. Now, there is enough funds for Daniel’s education from now to his college years. The funds is also enough to provide him with more books and his own study lamp, and also, for other children who are in the same situation as Daniel.

This is beautiful! We have a lot to learn from Daniel, isn’t it?
Are you touched by his determination?

By Crystal Tan | Source: Daily Mail

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