This Little Boy May Just Change The Way You Look At Things

child with dwarfism with a positive outlook in life

A little boy with a big heart!

Grant is 6 years old, but he looks exactly like his little brother who is 1 year old. That is because he was born with Dwarfism (Diastrophic Dysplasia), a disorder that affects his bones and caused him to be ‘short’ all his life. Grant will be restricted by growth and will not be able to grow to adult’s height.

Amidst his situation, it is heartwarming to see Grant’s attitude towards life. It’s amazing to see a little 6-year-old, who kind of figure out things that even adults like ourselves, are still struggling everyday.

Watch what Grant has to say:

Grant is one positive and lovely child, one with the most positive outlook in life despite his condition. A great reminder to all of us.

We are not limited by our limitations, but our mindsets.

By Crystal Tan | Source: Amy Pearce

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