22 Braid Hacks For Mums – Both Long And Short Hair Included

different braid styles

The weather in Sunny Singapore is really hot and humid! The heat can get on your nerves especially if you were a mum caring for your young child, working on the household chores or a pregnant lady, carrying your little precious in your tummy. Most moms secretly wish they can cut short their locks once and for all to save themselves from all the misery.

Keep your mane by learning how to braid up your hair. These 22 fun and beautiful braid are presentable and achievable! Get your hands ready and here we go….

1. The French Braid

The French Braid

2. Side French Braid Ponytail

Side French Braid Ponytail

3. French Rope Braid

French Rope Braid

4. The Twist Braid

The Twist Braid

5. Lauren Conrad Side Braid

Lauren Conrad Side Braid

6. 3 Braided Buns

Side 3 Braided Buns

7. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

8. Dutch Fishtail Braid (Elsa Hair)

Dutch Fishtail Braid (Elsa Hair)

9. The Waterfall Braid

The Waterfall Braid

10. Waterfall Braid Scarf Up

Waterfall Braid Scarf Up

11. Soft Dutch Braid

Soft Dutch Braid

12. Double Dutch Braids

Double Dutch Braids

13. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

14. Around the World Braid

Around the World Braid

15. Lace Braided Bun

Lace Braided Bun

16. Bun of Braid

Bun of Braid

17. Upside Down French Braid Bun

Upside Down French Braid Bun

18. Chain Link Braid

Chain Link Braid

19. Running Braid Combo

Running Braid Combo

20. Ladder Braid

Ladder Braid

21. Mermaid Half Braid

Mermaid Half Braid

22. Rose Braid Bun

Rose Braid Bun

Enjoy the tutorial and practice. Someday, you can even do it for your little girl. Have fun!

By Crystal Tan

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