Confinement Food Catering Services

ginseng-chickenAfter the birth of the baby, mother’s body is the weakest, thus the first month after childbirth is the crucial month for mothers to rest, recuperate and replenish what they have lost.

A well-balanced diet consisting of nutritious and quality food helps mothers to replenish their strength and revitalise their health. In addition, nutritious food will also help to pack the body with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that a mother will need to recover and also, to produce breastmilk for the baby.

Confinement foods is served during the postpartum confinement period for Mothers that will aid in the recovery process. The person usually a confinement nanny, will help to prepare the foods for the mothers. They will know what ingredients to use that are suitable for the mothers’ health and what are the foods that mothers have to avoid.

These days, some mothers may not wish to hire a personal confinement nanny and still want to ensure that their diet is well taken care of by a professional. We rounded up the local services and found these catering services that offer confinement food.

1. Chili Padi Peranakan Food and Catering confinement food caterer in singapore

Tel: 6275 1002

2. Rich Food Catering

Tel: 8649 2789

3. Thomson Confinement Food

Tel: 6350 8848

4. Confinement-Meals

Tel: 6261 4600

5. Confinement Food.Com

Tel: 8368 7177

6. Natal Essential

Tel: 6755 4747

7. Super Star Nanny

Tel: 8368 6815

These Confinement Food Caterers in Singapore offers different packages and are usually tailored according to your preference and confinement needs. Some of these caterers also offer trial meals that you can try first before deciding on one that you prefer.

By Crystal Tan

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