Healthy Baby Girl Died After After She Was Kissed By Mystery Person With A Cold Sore

Eloise Lampton

Baby Eloise Lampton was born healthily in Mackay Hospital Australia. She died one month later in the arms of her parents. It became alarming for the parents, Douglas Lampton and Sarah Pugh after realizing that Baby Eloise Lampton appeared to be weak and tired most of the time when they brought her home. She lost almost a kilo in a week’s time and her health deteriorate quickly after.

Eloise Lampton

Baby Eloise Lampton had been unknowingly infected with the herpes simplex virus while she was still in hospital in the days following her birth, reports the Daily Mail.The baby has got in contact with someone with a cold sore through a kiss or touch. But none of the family member tested positive for the disease.

Both held on to the hope that their baby would recover but she was down with a staph infection in her blood and there doctor said that there wasn’t much that they can do.

Eloise Lampton

‘It all happened so quickly, like within hours. She was in the hospital and we thought she was fine, then that night we were told she might not survive the night,’ Ms Sarah Pugh said.

Eloise Lampton

‘The machine fully took over her whole body. It went into her arteries to pump blood. It took over her organs to let her little body have a rest. Everyday we’d go in there and it was devastating to see her like that. It was heartbreaking,’ Pugh added.

They removed the tubes out of Baby Eloise and nursed her till her last breath.
Eloise Lampton

Baby Eloise fought till the end…

Babies are fragile and can easily caught the virus and disease that you may be carrying. Avoid contact with baby if you aren’t well.

By Crystal Tan | Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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