Husband Supports Wife Through Water Birth – Simply Beautiful

baby delivers through water birth

Childbirth is a painful experience for most women, but the hope of bringing a beautiful life into this World makes it all worthwhile. This couple in the video has opted for water birth to deliver to their second baby. In the video, you can witness how this loving husband rendered support and encouragement to support his wife through the whole delivery process. It is simply beautiful and at the same time, magical!

Water Birth is growing in popularity around the globe. Numerous research has shown that water birth can decrease labour pain, is less impactful for baby and it shortens the whole labour process. However, there are countless of studies that debate about the safety and risks involved during water birth and that more studies should be carried out to examine the safety of water birth. Nonetheless, bringing a new life into this World is always a magical moment. Watch this beautiful video of how this couple delivers their baby, Sloane through water birth.

By Crystal Tan | Credits to NHance Photography

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