Li Chun (立春) 2016

We know that 4th of February this year marks a brand new year – the start of Spring in the lunar calendar. In Chinese, it is known as Li Chun (立春). If you directly translate it – Li means stand while Chun represent egg. Thus, on this very day, your eggs could balance off from the ground? If you don’t believe, give it a try!

eggs can stand

Since, Li Chun is a day to celebrate the start of Spring and is well-known to be an auspicious day. In China, Li Chun is celebrated by farmers every year. They hold special ceremonies and events coupled with offerings to the gods so that they will be blessed with a smooth and prosperous year full of harvest.

The reason why we choose Li Chun to deposit money is kind of similar to why farmers commemorate it. We deposit money into the banks as a form of representation for a stable and good year with many returns just like how farmers hope for a good harvest. By depositing money, we hope our money will grow through investment, bonus or promotion, and also better business opportunities for businessman.

In case you were not aware, just last year, long queues were formed outside banks and deposit-cash machines! Many believed and still believe that by depositing cash or cheque during this day (and on an auspicious hour) represents the constant inflow of cash into your bank while others people that by banking cash into your bank, your wealth will grow.

Chinese new year Li Chun

Superstitious or not? We find this interesting and well, no harm giving it a try on 4th of February.

Image credit to 65daigou

Just don’t forget to put on auspicious colors (red, orange, yellow & gold) tops to school or work on Thursday! If not, check out your auspicious colors for 2016  based on your zodiac sign.

zodiac lucky colors and numbers in 2016


Good luck to you on this brand new year! 

By Crystal Tan

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