She Died While Delivering To Her Baby, A Miracle Changed Her Fate

Melanie and Doug Pritchard were ready to receive their second baby. They were prepared, since this wasn’t the first time they had a baby. Everything seemed fine. After the contractions increased, the Gynecologist decided to break her water to speed things up. But things started going downhill for Melanie!

Melanie began to feel dizzy, nauseous before she passed out. Her blood pressure hit zero. Melanie was completely blue and her heart stopped beating. Even the unborn baby’s heart rate and blood pressure fell rapidly.

In an attempt to save the baby’s life, Melanie was rushed to the operating room for an emergency caesarean section. As explained by the doctor, Melanie had suffered from an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. Her amniotic fluid had escaped from her womb and travelled to her bloodstream, resulting in the cardiac arrest.

The hospital declared Melanie clinically dead for that 10 minutes. “She was given CPR and shocked 4 times with a defibrillator before the medical team managed to resuscitate her,” shared by Life Site News. Although Melanie was resuscitated, Doctors was worried that she would suffered from neurologic injury as she did not breathe for a long period of time.

Melanie underwent 3 major surgeries. The doctors gave her a zero percent chance of survival. But what followed, shocked Doctors!

Melanie suddenly began to breathe on her own and made tremendous improvement. She was allowed to be discharged after a week. Although the recovery journey was tedious and long, Melanie made a full recovery that medical science couldn’t explain. It was truly a miracle!

The family believes that it’s God and his little miracles. it is God that has answered their prayers. Melanie lives on to inspire others.

By Crystal Tan | Source: Life Site News

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