Mum Induces Labor To Grant Dying Husband’s Wish

Mark Aulger, 52 had been battling with cancer. He underwent 8 months of Chemotherapy and was finally told that he was freed from cancer. But happiness did not last long..

Mark was admitted to the hospital after experiencing breathing difficulties. It was then that they found out that the long term chemotherapy had destroyed his lungs, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Diane Aulger, 31 knew that his days were numbered and decided to have her labour induced two weeks earlier so that Father and Daughter could meet. It was such a heartbreaking moment for the family. Mark stayed awake throughout the labour process and was the first to hold their baby girl in his arms. However, he slipped into coma shortly after.

Mark died in the hospital, his wife and four children and newborn were by his side.

It seemed that the 4 other children are finding it difficult to cope with their dad’s conditions and now, the loss of their dad.

By Crystal Tan | Source: Daily Mail

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