Cancer-stricken Mum Refuses Chemotherapy To Save Her Baby!

After years of thinking that she was infertile, Stacie Crimm was surprised when she found out that she was pregnant at 41 years old. She did 5 pregnancy tests in hospital and it confirmed her pregnancy. She was carrying a miracle baby and Stacie was determined to keep the baby.

Despite Stacie’s excitement, she knew something was not right about her body. She was having severe headaches and double vision. Even tremors struck every inch of her body. She feared that she will not be able to see the baby.

“I’m worried about this baby,” “I hope I live long enough to have this baby,” “Bubba, if anything happens to me, you take this child,” those were the messages that Stacie sent to her brother Ray Phillips.

After family’s encouragement, Stacie finally went to consult a few doctors. A CT scan later revealed that she had head and neck cancer. She had to choose between her life and that of her baby’s. Guess what? Stacie refused potentially lifesaving chemotherapy to save her baby’s life.

Things started deteriorating and finally one day, Stacie collapsed at her home in Oklahoma. She was rushed to the hospital. Doctor’s examination later revealed that the invasive tumor had spread and begun to wrap around Stacie’s brain stem.

Two days later, the baby’s heart rate dropped rapidly and Stacie’s heart stopped beating shortly after. Although she was resuscitated, the medical team decided to perform caesarean on her to save both mother and her 5 months old fetus. Baby Dottie Mae was born prematurely and was sent to the intensive care unit. Stacie appeared to look well after the caesarean but after a couple of days, her condition deteriorated. She often fell unconscious. The alarm was raised when Stacie stopped breathing once again. She was revived but doctors told Stacie’s family to prepare for the worst.

The hospital made the arrangement for Stacie to meet baby Dottie Mae for the first time. The baby that she had saved in exchange for her life. “They placed the baby on her mother’s chest. Mother and child gazed into each other’s eyes for several minutes. She smiled at the baby who at last lay in her arms,” NewOK reported.

Stacie Crimm passed away three days later.

As per her wish, baby Dottie Mae was being cared for by her brother, Ray Phillips, his wife and his four children.

Stacie Crimm touched many hearts as a brave and selfless mother who sacrificed her own life to save her baby.

By Crystal Tan | Photo Credit to Daily Mail

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