8 Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

Natural Cures For Morning SicknessDid you know that as many as 90% of all pregnant women experience some form of uneasiness like nausea or vomiting.

pregnancyMorning sickness can be a real pain for most pregnant women, and it may last between a few weeks to a few months. If you had been desperate for a solution to be rid of that sick, nauseating feeling that chokes you up, you know that almost every suggestion is worth trying in order to gain some relief. Before you run off to your GP or gynae for anti-nausea medication, try these natural and fuss-free remedies for morning sickness!

• Motion sickness band

Usually used for travelling when one has motion sickness on board the airplane, boats or car. The band works by applying controlled pressure (acupressure) on the appropriate points on one’s wrists (meridian points). It helps to relieve morning sickness and reduce your feeling of nauseous.

• Sour food/sweets

If you crave for sour or sweet food during your pregnancy, stash some of these in your bag or at your work desk – mints, sour plum or dried orange peel, so that they are within easy reach when you need to quell the nausea. If this is insufficient for you, try to consume a little bit more to help you cope with the nauseous. At the same time, do watch what you are consuming, eat food with excessive amounts of sugar in moderation.

• Massage yourself

pregnant womanUse your thumbs to locate the soft spot at the end of your eyebrows, and with light pressure, massage in a clockwise direction. Run your finger along the hairline from the back of your ears down towards your spine, while pressing your fingertips firmly down to help aid the blood circulation.

• Dry crackers

This has been known to help keep the nausea at bay, even if for a short respite. If you feel nausea hitting, take a small piece and munch on it. It isn’t calorie laden and it helps you feel a bit better.

• Eat small snacks

Now, this isn’t saying that you are licensed to gorge on your favourite snacks. Instead of having your usual main meals, try breaking your meals down to 5-7 small meals so that your body is able to digest the food without overwhelming it with acidity.

• Ginger infused non caffeinated tea

Choose the non caffeinated tea if you are already taking your usual cuppa on a daily basis. If the taste of ginger is a huge no-no for you because of thepregnancy fatigue taste or a food aversion, try adding some honey to the tea to help with the flavour. The ginger will help to soothe and warm your body. Definitely a safe and effective remedy for women suffering from morning sickness of pregnancy.

• Ointment

As cheesy as it may sound, some traditional methods of using medicated oil and/or Vicks vapour rub on the chest can help aid in getting rid of the nauseating feeling. If the strong smell bothers you, use it only when you are home, or if you get hit by waves of nausea at bedtime.

• Sleep

Many doctors and experienced mums have shared that the best fuss-free remedy to cure your morning sickness is to sleep through it. Take a free deep breath, relax your body and try to rest your body.

We hope this has helped to alleviate your morning sickness and discomfort to some extent. Remember to stay hydrate by sipping small mouthful of water every now and then. If water don’t stay down, try consuming smoothie or frozen natural juice popsicles for hydration. Here’s to soldiering on for the rest of the pregnancy!

By Ruth Mak & Crystal Tan

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