New Goodness For Your Baby! Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates

Nestlé CERELAC® has incorporated a brand new flavour with dates into infant cereal with milk, a unique feat unparalleled by other infant cereals in the market. Infants from the age of 8 months old can now benefit from the nutritional value of delicious dates!

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates caters to taste buds, but also fulfils the daily recommended intake for an 8 month old child. A bowl of Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates meets 45% of your child’s daily calcium intake and over 50% of your child’s daily iron intake in just one serving with fortified vitamin A and C.
The New Goodness For Your Baby! Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates

Many of us know about the benefits of Dates that is commonly used in different delicacies, from Asia to Ancient Egyptian cuisine, from Spanish to Algerian cuisine and many more. What many of us didn’t know is the nutritional value that dates can provide for our young children. Even though babies have tummy capacity 5 times smaller than that of an adult’s, their growing bodies actually need 5 times more nutrients than an adult.

Ms Angela Lu, Country Business Manager, Infant Nutrition, Nestlé Singapore shared that the new Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates provides a nutritious and tasty meal that is specially catered for infants from 8 months onwards to meet their increased nutrient needs!

Why Nestlé CERELAC® is the best choice for your baby:

  • The only infant cereal with BIFIDUS BL probiotics that help to fight against harmful bacteria in an infant’s digestive system.
  • Contains Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically (CHE) which helps to break down carbohydrates into smaller parts for easy digestion.
  • 12 vitamins and 5 minerals packed in one bowl of cereal to support your infant’s growth and development
  • Delicious dates add texture to your child’s meal and aids in satisfying his/her urge to chew at the weaning stage of development.
  • Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates contains dates which are beneficial for your baby. They can enjoy a nutritious and balanced diet which also provides energy for their growing needs.

Nestlé CERELAC® Wheat, Honey and Dates is available at all leading stores at a retail price of $5.50 per 250g pack.

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