Newborn Dies After Teen Parents Waited Two Hours For A Medical Staff

16 year-old teen, Caitlin Walsh underwent a tedious and problematic 11-DAY labour.

Shortly after the birth of Colby Risso, Caitlin was concerned over how her baby looked like. She noticed the left side of his baby’s face was droopy, even the eyes did not open properly. The parents told the hospital about it and were told that the hospital staff will come by to check. However, that didn’t happen.

Caitlin and her newborn was sent home on the day itself, after the birth. Two days later, a hospital staff came by to visit them and told them everything was fine. However, on the third day, little Colby woke up from his sleep and the milk started gushing out of his nose.

Caitlin quickly called the hospital staff, who promised to come by within 2 hours. Sadly, she never did. After 90 minutes, little Colby became weaker. As his parents cuddled little Colby dearly, he gave a sudden gasp then stopped breathing.

The parents immediately called for an ambulance. The baby was rushed back to the same hospital. He was successfully resuscitated and transferred to another hospital. However, Colby’s brain was badly damaged due to a lack of oxygen. The parents make the most tragic decision for their baby, they switched off the life support machine to let 6 day-old Colby go in peace.

According to Mirror, ” A post mortem could not determine a cause of death so Colby’s brain was sent to London for tests, but the tests were inconclusive. Milton Keynes Hospital has said it is carrying out a “full investigation” into Colby’s death.”

Caitlin and her partner Jack Risso was devastated and disappointed with the medical staff. She was just a 16-year-old teen girl who have just delivered. How much will she have known about baby’s development?

“The hospital should not have let me go home. I’m a 16 -year-old girl with a newborn. “We feel devastated. We feel let down. We feel nobody was there for us when our baby needed help. I don’t think we will ever recover. We knew our baby was dying right there in front of us and nobody was there to save him. We hope lessons will be learned from Colby’s death and others will not suffer like we have,” Caitlin shared.

Doctors in the hospital suspect that little Colby could have suffered from brain damage, that was not picked up earlier, due to the traumatic birth.

Our hearts go out to Caitlin and Jack. We feel that more help should be rendered to these young and inexperienced parents. What do you think of Caitlin’s story? Share your thoughts with us at the comments column.

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