Perks of Being Pregnant

Pregnancy LicenseWhen you are pregnant, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the distressing symptoms that come bundled with your package of joy over the nine months. Morning sickness, fatigue, and an out-of-control bladder are just the tip of the iceberg! But there are many positive things about being pregnant as well. Here’s a reminder of some reasons why it’s great to be having a baby:

  • License to shop

All those frilly dresses and cute overalls you’ve been (not-so-secretly) admiring every time you pass a baby shop window? Now’s your time to buy. Although, truth be told, it’s a lot more economical and practical to shop online these days.

And then there’s all the other paraphernalia you’ll need as new parents for baby and you. Things like milk bottles, a crib, pram and some baby toys. You can find most of what you’ll need at places like Mothercare and Kiddy Palace.

Check out these places for some chic and affordable baby togs:

  • License to eat (in moderation)

While you are not advised to go on a food binge or add daily suppers to your schedule, you definitely have a go-ahead to snack a little more often, and to satisfy your pregnancy cravings, as long as you keep to a healthy and consistent weight gain.

Now is not the time to diet or worry about fitting back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Enjoy your food, and take care to eat well, both for your sake and the little one growing in you.

  • License to sit

We all gripe and moan about how nobody gives up their seats for pregnant women on public transport, but there are definitely more than a few kind souls out there who do. Whenever someone gives up his seat for you, do accept graciously. Don’t try to act all tough and independent-I-am-woman-hear-me-roar. Just sit back and take that weight off your poor aching back and feet.

At work or while out shopping, be sure not to over-exert yourself walking or running around. That said, it’s just as bad to stay in the same position in your chair the whole day. Do take regular breaks to stretch your legs and do some simple exercises to improve blood circulation.

  • License to sleep

All first-time parents will find that the number #1 advice that their friends who are already parents will give is this: Sleep more! Indeed, treasure your sleep, whatever you can get amidst the (hopefully occasional) insomnia and pelvic aches. Sleep in as often as you can, and take short naps in the day if your lifestyle permits.

  • License to be late (once in a while)

Most people will be extra forgiving to a pregnant woman. It doesn’t give you the license to be irresponsible or lazy about keeping your appointments, but it does mean you shouldn’t need to be unnecessarily stressed out over missing your bus or train.

You can always hop on the next one and be five minutes late. Better late than never, we say, and it’s never safe to run up escalators with a belly like yours.

  • License to cry

Go ahead, cry it out. Pregnant women often experience mood swings, which can range from the very mild to extreme elation or depression. Suppressing or repressing how you feel is never a healthy solution. As far as possible, talk it out with your spouse and/or trusted friends. And allow yourself to cry, to be fearful, to be moved by a film you saw and so on – allow yourself to be real.

That said, prenatal depression and anxiety are very real risks, and should not be taken lightly. If you feel that your low mood or fears are overwhelming you most of the time, do talk to your gynae and/or get a referral to see a counselor. He or she will be able to journey with you through the valley of emotions and prescribe an appropriate anti-depressant as necessary.

By Dorothea Chow

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