Police Officer Sang Lullaby To Distract Toddler After The Crash Killed Her Dad

A Police Officer carrying a toddler was captured on a mobile phone, and it went viral!

Colorado officer Nick Struck was actually comforting a young girl who survived the fatal crash that killed her father. He sang the children’s favourite lullaby “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to distract the toddler and at the same time, calm her down.

In the background of the viral picture was a heartbreaking scene. A SUV white saloon car went off the road and rolled-down an embankment. All six passenger, including four children were thrown out of the car. Investigation showed that none of the passengers were properly restrained.

While the emergency team were attending to the other victims, Nick Struck comforted the crying toddler like how he will interact and comfort his own 2-year-old girl. His Dad was pronounced dead on the spot while the rest of the family were send to the nearest hospitals for treatment.

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