Top 11 Parenting Phrases We Swore We Never Use Part 2

Check out these ultimate parenting phrases that we have used it before at some point of our lives as parents

but did not realize…

popular parenting phase

You better do it or I am going to confiscate your things …

funny parenting phase

Stop comparing, you ain’t getting that toy.

funny parenting phase

Do I look like a three-year old kid to you? because i said so

Yes, that is a full-stop!

funny parenting phase

Or you will be in serious trouble! funny parenting phase

No but! Just listen and do it! money doesnt grow on treesSometimes we wish it would… so stop buying these useless things!

funny parenting phase

You gotta learn it no matter what!

funny parenting phase

Learn from the wise man when they told you so.. or you will have to suffer the consequences..

funny parenting phase

And if your friend told you to jump off the bridge, would you do it too?

you dont have to like it to do it

That’s because I am your mum/dad! You don’t have a choice, so just do it!

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By Crystal Tan

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