Pregnant Woman Delivers Her Baby At The Side Of The Road

Where is the most unusual place to deliver to your baby?

Plane, car, toilet, restaurant and the list goes on. Nothing beats this lady who delivered to the newborn is the most bizarre place of all – at the side of a busy road in Newcastle.

woman delivers to baby at the side of the road

Daddy Sandy Milligan and Mummy Johanna was on their way to a birthday party when the unexpected happened. It was their daughter Sofia’s 2nd birthday. Johanna was experiencing severe contractions and had to cancel the birthday plans when her water bag broke.

The family was rushing to the hospital when Johanna knew something wasn’t right. She knew she couldn’t hold it back anymore, the baby was coming out!

“I was screaming at Sandy to pull the car over – I was basically standing up on the back seat with the baby’s head coming out,” Johanna shared with

Sandy was clearing the back of the car up for Johanna but unfortunately, she couldn’t wait any longer. She was already lying down on the grass verge, in the labour position and pushing the baby out. It wasn’t long before the baby is out and in the arms of Daddy Sandy.

A doctor who happened to be on her way to another case was flagged down by passer-by. She assisted Sandy and Johanna to make sure both baby and mother are alright. It’s a baby that is too excited to come into this World.


What MUST you do when you show signs of labour?

You are likely to know when the time has come and baby is ready to pop out to meet the world. The strong contractions, water bag broke and some brownish or reddish discharge are some signs of labour. What do you have to do, right here and right now?

1. First and foremost, calm yourself down. Ask yourself these questions:

– Do you have strong and painful contractions that occur every two to three minutes apart?pregnant woman
– Have your water bag broke?
– Do you have a strong urge to push?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, it’s time to go to the hospital. You are ready for labour.

2. Call the ambulance

If your spouse isn’t with you at the moment, call the ambulance. Remember to tell the dispatcher the signs that you are experiencing so that they will know how urgent the case is.

3. We know it sounds weird, but resist the urge to push!

When you pushes too strenuously before you are fully dilated, you might risk injury to your cervix or even your baby’s head. The last thing you want is to deliver without the professionals by your side.


Remember the breathing exercises you have learned during your prenatal class? Focus on your breathing and you will stop hyperventilating. Consistent breathing can prevent the urge to push too.

5. Hospital Bag

Don’t forget to bring along the hospital bag that you have packed a couple of weeks ago. Everything you need is in the bag, just don’t forget your phone and wallet.

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