Teething Products For Babies

Baby chewing toyMy boy is sprouting his first set of teeth and it is causing him so much pain that his is refusing his meals. Now it has got to the extent of interfering with his sleep. I can’t stand to see him in so much pain! Help!

Teething process

Teething take place when the teeth emerge through the gums of young children. The age at which the first tooth appears differs greatly from child to child. The teeth may start to show when the baby is around six-nine months old (some may start earlier or later). It can be a frustrating time for many parents, as babies and children becomes irritable and unsettled when they teethe.

The symptoms

The young child gets upset easily because of the soreness and swelling in their gums before a tooth comes through. Some symptoms may begin at about 3-7 days before the tooth shows. It includes,Upset Tod

– Drooling
– Swollen gums,
– Red flushed cheek or face
– Chewing toys or Biting
– Constant crying and wailing
– Poor appetite
– Irregular sleeping patterns

How can we ease their pain? Is there any safe teething products out in the market?

Top 3 Latest Teething Products that make teething easier on baby

1. Combi Smile labo Teether

combi teether2 combi teether

Aims: Attractive teether that stimulate and soothe the gum

Product introduction: Combi has come out with a set of attractive and irresistible teether for the teething child that allows them to suck and chew it. It is safe for children as young as 3 months old. The teether comes with a loop that allows it to be attached on stroller or bag when heading out. A great and helpful tool to pacific the frustrated child. Tell me who can resist ice cream, chocolate and cookies?

2. Infantino RaZ-Berry Teether 

Infantino RaZ-Berry Teether2464455-razbaby-raz-berry-teether-light-blue

Aims: Strike the perfect balance of softness and firmness for baby

Product introduction: RaZ-Berry Teether is the First Hands-free all silicone teether with stimulating multi-textures that soothes and massages baby’s tender gums. It is made of non-toxic 100-percent food grade silicone that is safe and durable for children as young as 3 months old. The bumpy texture provides the perfect balance of softness and firmness for those delicate gums. The teether can also be frozen to offer some cooling relief to baby’s sore gums.

3. Amber J Necklaces

9a5be186-802a-59df-97fc-9c7d188200ae breastfeeding necklace

Aims: Provides natural pain relief for teething baby

Product introduction: Baby Amber Teething Necklaces are a homeopathic, natural, drug free remedy used for teething babies. These necklaces are not for chewing, they are worn directly against the skin such as on the neck or around the ankles. The warmth of the body releases succinic acid (a natural healing chemical) and helps to relieve teething symptoms. Amber is believed to hold antibacterial properties, energizing and calming the body; offering pain relief and can be used by adults as well. The Chewable Breastfeeding Necklace also comes in handy for mothers during teething times as the babies like to chew on everything!

It is important to keep your baby’s teeth healthy by introducing them to tooth-brushing using baby-friendly toothbush! Start establishing the right habits that will lead him toward a lifetime of healthy gum and teeth!

By Crystal Tan

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  1. hi, are you selling the smile labo chocolate teething? If yes, how can I but it from you. TIA

    Mrs Lee on July 23, 2014 AT 10:27 pm Reply
    • Dear Mrs Lee,

      Thank you for your interest. The Smile Labo Chocolate Teether is available. You can contact Patricia from Combi at 6291 1183 or visit the store at

      Combi Singapore
      732 North Bridge Road
      Singapore 198700
      Opening hours: 9.00 – 5:30pm

      Admin on July 31, 2014 AT 3:52 pm

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