The Name Game

Baby Name_480When it comes to choosing a name for baby, it can be a game of back and forth for days or months leading up to the birth (and even after), with no sign of a “winning formula” in sight! Very often, new parents are overwhelmed by the thousands of names listed online or in name books, and don’t quite know how or where to begin their quest for “The Perfect Name”.

Here are a couple of ways you can go about developing your game plan. As you begin your hunt for your child’s name, it’s good to remember you’re your choice will impact him or her for life, so choose wisely. That said, don’t get too stressed about finding a name that pleases everyone – as long as you and your spouse both agree that you’ve found the ‘one’, it doesn’t matter if it’s the most popular name or least popular name of the season.

Whichever route you choose, it’s important to have faith in yourselves, and believe that you will know instinctively in your gut when you find a name that fits. It could be the first name that jumps out at you, or the moment when you find a name whose meaning resonates inexplicably with you, or not until the first instance when you see your newborn’s face.

Use search engines online

By far the most popular method by this generation of tech savvy parents. There are numerous sites dedicated to baby names and their meanings and origins. When in doubt, simply cross reference the same name across sites to check for accuracy and plausibility.

Useful links:

Download an app

With most of us owning a smart phone these days, apps may be more convenient for that name search. It’s basically about the same process as using an online web search.

Useful free apps:
Baby Names
50,000 Baby Names
Aesop Popular Baby Names

Create a list as you go

If too many options are making your head swim, forget about sifting through all the possible names out there. Simply make a list of your favourite names – electronically or with pen and paper, as and when you come across one in a magazine or newspaper, or whatever pops into your head when you’re commuting to and from work.

Back to your roots

Ask both sets of grandparents for their favourite names. Or even names of exciting or important ancestors in your lineage. Find out more about your own heritage in the process.

By Dorothea Chow

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