8 Simple Things To Stop Doing Today That Will Instantly Make You A Much Better Parent

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No one is perfect but at least we can try to be a better self for the sake of our loved ones. Here are some of the things that you should put to a halt to make yourself a better parent.



1. Quit unhealthy habits


These may include smoking and having too much social life too often, among others. Smoking, as proven, is bad for your health. So, why would you want to put your life and your family’s on danger? Plus, no cigarettes means more savings.


Hanging out often with your own friends also mean you end up having lesser time for your own family. Remember that kids grow too fast. Can we ever recall when was the last time our baby make his first steps or at what age did the little one become fully toilet-trained? Those precious moments could easily slip from our memory bank as we get too caught up with our own activities. Sad to say, those magical moments will never come back again. Therefore, it is crucial to put family as the first priority above anything and anyone else.


2. Don’t be as Cold as a Cucumber. Spread the Love


Be close to your children. Spend quality time together. Stay connected with them. Personal attachment with your kids is very important as it will make them feel secure. Psychologically speaking, children who have close relationship with their parents are happier and healthier than their peers who don’t.


3. Stop Getting Worked-up Often


Being overly protective may do more harm than good. Children need to explore and discover things by themselves. Let them know that it is alright to trip and fall. Instead of us running to their rescue after each fall, allow them to learn how to pick themselves up after each mishap. With much practice, they will learn about cause-and-effect, thus making themselves more independent.


4. Say No to Punishing, Yes to Guiding


As parents, it is just too easy to whack the little one every time he misbehaves. It is important, however to note that kids are humans like us too and humans make mistakes. So, showing and guiding them to do things the right way is more educative and effective than scolding and punishing them.


how to be a better parent

5. Let it Go! Let it Go!


“To err is human”. Don’t forget this golden saying. So, it is perfectly alright to make some silly mistakes here and there. What’s important is that we learn from them. The same goes for our children. Blunders and faults are part and parcel of life. Once they are advised about the errors made, remind them not to repeat the same mistake again in the future and do not dwell on their past misdoings. Move on and let it go.


6. Stop Comparing


Imagine if you’re being compared to someone else. Certainly, it feels degrading. No one likes being compared to another person as we are all unique in our own rights. Well, our kids feel the same way too! Remember that each child is different from the other. Even siblings and twins are distinct; let alone kids who come from different family backgrounds.


7. Stop Complaining


Yes! You read it well. Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Appreciate your child as he or she is. For all you know, his or her “negative” traits (as you call them) might have their origins from you or your ancestors! So, at times, it is fine to be a little different from the “mainstream” or “majority”.


Furthermore, those “negative traits” might turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Albert Einstein, the famous Physicist and Michael Phelps, the celebrated Olympian, have their names listed as the 10 most successful people with ADHD (“attention deficit hyperactivity disorder”). It is a medical condition that affects how well someone can sit still, focus and pay attention. As a result, patients diagnosed with this maladie may be hyperactive and are unable to control their impulses.


Einstein was described as forgetful and oblivious to his surroundings throughout his lifetime. People were so amazed by this genius and his works that his brain got stolen after his death! Phelps, the swimmer, on the other hand, has racked up more than a dozen gold medals in his career. He isn’t ashamed to talk about his “sickness”. Instead, he credits much of this success to his ADHD. He doesn’t use his disorder as a setback. Instead, he uses it as a source to fight on to victory. These two personalities have proven to become rare gems and they both turned out to be sparkling talents in their own rights despite their shortcomings. So, who knows yours might be another star in the making?


Last, but not least


8. Don’t Stop Being a Good Role Model


Parental behaviour proves to be far more powerful than words. You are the first teacher that your children have in their lives and your home is the first school that they acquire the skills. So, walk the talk! If you dream of having well-mannered kids, then, tell and show them what good etiquette is. They watch and learn from you every time with or without you realising.


They are your greatest copycats.


quite unhealthy habits for your child


So, parents, don’t wait anymore. Try out the above easy steps today and improve your relationship with your children.


Written by Noreen Yek Boussetta

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