10 Valuable Tips For Mothers Experiencing Hyperlactation

HyperlactationWhat is hyperlactation?

Hyperlactation (strong let-down) happens when your body produce too much breast milk (oversupply) than the quantity that your baby needs. The milk may come out fast and forceful, causing your baby to choke, gulp or cough when nursing. At a result, your baby may display discomfort when being nursed. Some mothers notice that their milk may leak, soak through the nursing pad and cause awkward large patches of wet stain on their blouse.

What are some signs of hyperlactation?

1. Your breasts will feel very full and painful at times

2. You have more foremilk than hindmilk

3. Breastmilk usually comes out too fast

4. Your Baby gulp and chokes very often when being nurse

5. Your baby is gassy all the time

6. Your Baby has green stool

10 interesting but valuable insights and tips if you have hyperlactation

1. Is there a need to cut down on your fish intake? Yes, eating too much fish (especially cod) can cause your breastmilk to become too fatty and clog your milk ducts. So while eating fish IS good for you and baby, it can become too much of a good thing. Reduce your fish intake to once a week and you should begin to see a difference in your body, especially if blocked ducts are a common occurrence for you.

2. Don’t overload on the papaya soup as it can cause an oversupply of milk for mothers who are already naturally inclined to produce more milk.

3. Some women experience milk letdown for a few months of their nursing journey in the non-nursing breast when feeding from the other side. Unfortunately, there are some who experienced it for over a year. To help reduce your milk supply, start off by pumping both breasts until they are drained before nursing your baby on one side of your breast.Breastfeeding

4. Don’t toss out the milk that you have collected while trying to adjust with your flow. Store it up for cereal or future baby-weaning sessions. Or you can even add it to your elder child’s milk just to give him/her some antibodies. Some mothers enjoy giving their baby a milk bath too.

5. Change your nursing position to slow the milk flow. You can try having your baby sit up and facing you while you nurse or alternatively, you can lean back or recline with your baby facing the breast directly.

6. If you baby looks like he is gulping too much milk or choking, stop feeding immediately. Burp your child and sooth him before you continue to nurse him.

7. Milk letdown in your breasts even when you are not nursing is nothing to be embarrassed about. It can be inconvenient and annoying but there are ways to cope with it. Be sure to pad your bras when nursing and avoid wearing white when you are heading out in case of any milk leakages.

8. Some mothers have so much milk that they are happy to give some away, especially to friends whose milk supply has yet to stabilize. Local nurses would not encourage it due to hygiene issue but if you are comfortable with donating your milk to a friend’s baby and the trust is mutual, it can be an option for using up your abundant supply.

9. Facing problem during physical intimacy with your husband? Get extra towels ready by your bed to soak up the offending milk spray. The last we want, is to spray some milk into our spouse’s face.

10.  If you still experience frequent blocked ducts and mastitis issues, don’t panic and consult a lactation consultant. If you are contemplating whether you should feed your child with formula milk instead, don’t go on a guilt trip too. Medical expert has mentioned that breastfeeding is NOT for everybody (mother and child alike)! So it will be awesome if you can breastfeed, if you can’t, just let it go. Your child will still grow well so don’t be so stressed out that you cannot look after your baby.

By Ruth Mak & Crystal Tan

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