Week 37 Of Pregnancy: All Systems Go

What’s happening insidepregnancy guide

Congratulations! Baby is considered full term this week. He’s still gaining weight (mostly fat) over the next few weeks, but his major developmental milestones have been crossed at this stage. In other words, it’s anytime from now, mummy!

Maternal Changes

Waiting can be discouraging business. You may find yourself struggling to contain your frustration and restlessness, and longing for baby to be born, especially because you are feeling pretty uncomfortable both day and night this week. Not long now…

A Matter of Fact

In general, labour is a lot faster for second and subsequent pregnancies, so don’t wait around at home if you feel those contractions coming!

Tips for daddy

Assuming you don’t work at home, it would be wise to always have your phone on and near you from now on, so your wife or the hospital can contact you easily and quickly when labour begins.

A quote for mummy-to-be

Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.
– Jane Weideman

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