Week 38 Of Pregnancy: Baby Dropping Lower

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What’s happening inside

Baby may be “dropping” into your pelvic cavity this week or soon, or may have done so already. This is referred to as baby being “engaged” that is to say a body part, preferably the head, is fixed in place in the pelvis. However, it is still possible for his body to float up again or “undrop” at this stage.

Maternal Changes

Unless you were carrying him low to begin with, baby’s dropping should be fairly noticeable to you and others. Your belly will appear lower, you’ll be less breathless and able to eat more. However you may also encounter new painful discomforts in the perineal area and on the pelvic floor and have to urinate far more frequently.

A Matter of Fact

To help baby get into the optimal position for delivery, always check that your sitting posture is as upright as possible, spend some time on all fours during the day, and do pelvic tilt exercises.

Tips for daddy

In case you’re wondering, baby dropping doesn’t mean sex is out the window for now. In fact, you can continue to make love right up to your wife’s delivery date with no fear of harm to the baby, unless your gynae has specified otherwise. Do treasure whatever time you have for just the two of you – those late night dates and cuddles are going to be few and far between until baby’s sleeping through the night!

A quote for mummy-to-be

Motherhood is the only thing in my life that I’ve really known for sure is something I wanted to do.
– Cynthia Nixon

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