Women Giving Birth After Age 33 Tend To Live A Longer Life Than Their Counterparts

research have shown the relation between women who gave birth later with longevity

If you are in your thirties and you are planning for a baby, good news for you!

*A new study has shown that women who are able to conceive naturally after age 33 tend to live longer than those who had their last child before age 30. The difference is huge and alarming!

expecting a babyWomen who had their last child after the age of 33 were able to doubled up their chances of living to age 95 or older, compared to women who had their last child before they are 30!

This finding was further supported by a Research in America. Researchers provide evidence that shows a positive association between the maternal age of last child and women’s longevity. A previous study has also found out that women who deliver to her last child after 40 had four times the chance to live to 100 years old, compare to women who deliver at a younger age.

Perls, a Professor at Boston University School of Medicine mentioned that, “The natural ability to have a child at an older age likely indicates that a woman’s reproductive system is aging slowly, and therefore so is the rest of her body”

“The age at last childbirth can be a rate of aging indicator,” he added.

This means that a woman who is capable to conceive at a later age are likely to live longer. However, this study does not mean that by delaying conception till mid-thirty will enable you to achieve longevity.

In addition, we should also note that the success rate of natural conception decrease after age 30. Thus, longevity should not be the reason used, to postpone family planning too.

*The study group consists of 462 women. Those women who had their last child when they were 33 or older live longer than their counterpart who delivered their last child at 29 year old or younger. These women are from US and Denmark.

Have you thought about having a baby after the age of 33? Maybe you should!

By Crystal Tan | Credits to Forbes

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