21 Simple Ways To Love Your Wife

ways to love your wife

Always remember that a happy wife means a happy life. Keeping your wife happy means working on the constant communication between you two, giving acknowledgement and affections to her and keeping the romance alive. Well, in short, follow these ways to spark up all the flame and love in your relationship.

1. Texting

Send a sweet text message or two daily, that will make her smile for the whole day.

2. Introduce Her

Bring your wife along when you meet up with your buddies, acknowledge her presence by introducing her as your better half or beloved wife.

3. Remember Special Dates

When is her birthday? Anniversary Date? The day you both dated? To a woman, remembering special days in her life is an ESSENTIAL! It means a lot to woman and show how much you value her. If you aren’t good at remembering dates, record it down in your organizer or smartphone. Now there is no excuse for you to forget right?

4. Send Her Cards, Chocolates And Flowers

Spoil her occasionally on what she loves, even when it is not a special day. Most women love surprises and sweet gestures from her love one. Maybe a handwritten letter from you? Her favourite chocolate? Or even her favourite flowers?

5. Embrace Each Other

After a long day at work or at home, it is awesome to have an endearing hug to show how happy you are to see her and how much you have missed her.

6. Doing Household Chores

Share the load and split the household chores with her. Make it a weekly affair when you both take time to clean up the house together.

7. Show responsibility And Respect To Her Family

Marriage is not between two people, it involves a village. Show the same love and concern for her family like you do for her and she will reciprocate her love and respect for you and your family.

8. Cook Up A Feast For Her

If you can cook, go ahead and whip up something great for her. If you can’t, it is not the end of the World. Get help from your mum and sister or google for some guide to cooking simple fare. I am sure she will be smitten by you even if the food, well.. It is the effort that warms her heart.

9. Stay Clean And Tidy

A woman always likes a clean man. Trust me, nobody likes to be near someone who don’t practice proper hygiene. Kick off those bad habits and develop healthy routines like showing more frequently and wearing clean clothes. Pray on some cologne if she likes them.

10. Limit The Grossly Habits

Farting and burping can be hilarious to you but can piss the ladies off, even your wife. Maintain good manners and limit these unpleasant habits.

11. Don’t Yell Or Scream At Her

Haven’t you heard that woman are fragile, her heart that is. If you are angry or annoy at something she did, talk it out nicely instead of raising your voice.

12. Hold Her Hands

Holding her hand in public makes her feel that you have acknowledge her presence and shows how proud you are to be with her. Better still, it stops her from shopping at the mall.

13. Communicate Daily

Spend some time to talk to each other on a daily basis. It can be anything and everything under the sun. Call each other and chat on the phone if one of you have to travel out of town.

14. Don’t Betray Her Trust For You

Be loyal and respectful towards each other and never do things behind her back that will hurt her. Empty promises is a good sign that you don’t mean what you said and that could potentially harm your relationship in the long run. Betray her trust also includes cheating on her or hanging out at clubs and pub too often that you have to lie on where you are and who is with you.

15. Date Nights

Have a consistent day in the week, it can be a Friday or Saturday night, where you both spend some time together alone. It can be a walk at the park, a movie or chilling at a cafe or bar.

16. Prioritize Her Over Everything

Remember that vow you made on the day of your wedding? Yes, business is important, hanging out with buddies are fun, golf is relaxing and the list goes on. It is so easy for us to take advantage of each other or take each other for granted! If you can’t turn down that offer, bring her along. Always remember that making your partner your #1 is the key to a good marriage.

17. Follow Her Dreams

Know what her dreams and pursues in life are and give all the support and help to her so that she can achieve it.

18. Encourage Her and Be There For Her

When you are there for her, it gives her the security and confident. On the other hand, the lack of attention, care and concern often leads to neglect, frustration and infidelity. It feels good to know that you both are connected in every way.

19. Keep The Passion Flowing

In a marriage, it is essential to keep the love flowing. This mutual attraction will keep you drawn to each other and passionate about each other. BUT remember too much of something is usually not so much of a good thing. Keeping your romance alive means both of you have to balance between being close and giving each other ample personal space. It takes time to explore how to love each other without being overly clingy.

20. Forgive Easily

Forgive your wife’s past, her present, and her wrong doings. Forgiveness is the key to happy and loving relationship. Release those negative thoughts of bitterness and resentment and love her wholeheartedly.

21. I Love You

Never stop saying how much you love her, a daily “I Love You” sounds cheesy but meant a lot to her.

It doesn’t matter if you are married to each other for a year, a decade or many years, have a child or a dozen. It is important to show appreciation to each other to keep the flame alive. Relationship often failed because people tend to grow apart and stop loving each other wholeheartedly or sharing their life with each other anymore. You chose each other because of love and there is no one else you want to be with other than each other. Look back on those dating days and continue to live together as if, you two were still dating.

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21 Way To Love Your Husband

By Crystal Tan

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