5 Months Old Baby Died At Day Care Centre

Source: ABC - Indianna Rose Hicks

Five-month-old baby, Indianna Rose Hicks, was found lying on her stomach, cold and lifeless in the home of a Caloundra day care worker on her first day in the centre.
Source: ABC - Indianna Rose Hicks

According to ABC News, “Emma Hicks has dropped off her daughter Indianna at the home of Tracey Cross, a day care centre in Queensland. Tracey Cross, her carer tightly swaddled her up as instructed by the child’s parents. Tracey Cross then put Indianna down for an afternoon nap, she was wearing an amber teething necklace at that point which was identified as a strangulation risk by the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission.”

That afternoon, Tracey Cross checked on Indianna and found her lifeless. She quickly attempted to resuscitate her until ambulance crews arrived, but to no avail. Indianna was pronounced dead at Caloundra Hospital.

Tracey Cross said that she went into shock and thus, she did not manage to break the news to Emma immediately. Not until Emma arrived to pick up Indianna and her brother.

Although Indianna was diagnosed with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), SIDS expert Professor Jeanine Young raised her concerns over how Indianna was cared for. Why was she wearing a teething necklace to sleep? Professor Young also highlighted the way that Indianna was wrapped, which is not suitable for her age and development, mentioned in ABC News.

 By Crystal Tan | Source: ABC News

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