A Little Girl’s Desperate Call To 911 For Help. Totally Heartbreaking!

domestic violence

A little girl called 911, she was trembling and screaming for help. On the other side, she could see her stepfather brutally abusing her mother and her siblings. Her stepfather was drunk and was going on a rampage. Sad to say, this wasn’t the first time that something like this has happened to Lisa Floyd and her family.

“Life was painful, and the torture was repetitive. If it wasn’t the ongoing violence at home, it was the name calling at school. There was no escape. I started to believe I wasn’t worthy. I felt like a failure, destined for nothingness. I didn’t believe I could change my life or my situation,” Lisa said.

Watch this video on the conversation she had with the dispatcher then. You might just feel her fears and pain.

This incident left such a bad scar on her and affected her self-esteem. When she grew up, Lisa Floyd found herself in the same type of abusive relationship that her mother was in. She saw herself in her mother’s predicament. Lucky for her, she managed to broke the cycle of violence and leave the abusive relationship she was in with the help from the Children of Domestic Violence. She was pregnant with his second baby then.

Lisa’s life begins to change for the better.

“My journey isn’t over – I still have many lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome. I’m just not afraid to take them on. There will always be good and bad, that’s really the only thing you can count on. The cycle proved that, and so did breaking it. I have not been in another violent relationship since. I am now free to make the choices I want, and achieve the goals I set. Knowing that I have broken the cycle has made the biggest impact in my life; and having people who saw in me the makings of success, have made it that much more meaningful. Had my shift in beliefs and the resiliency inside not been nurtured, I may have been stuck spinning my wheels in the same destructive pattern indefinitely,” Lisa shared on her blog.

Lisa definitely deserve better. We are glad that Lisa managed to walk out of this traumatizing past and embark on something great. Nobody should live in fear everyday of their life. Share your thoughts with us.

By Crystal Tan | Source: Children of Domestic Violence

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