Where Is The Best Country To Be Born?

Where you were born seems to be a crucial factor, equivalent to whom and when you are born.

In 1988, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Business Unit Survey, based on each country’s Economics and Socio-political factors, Singapore was ranked 36th compared to 50 other countries over the World. Singapore did fairly well, slightly ahead of our neighbor, Malaysia but way behind our counterparts in Asia like Hong Kong, Philippines, China and India.

best country to be born

Credits to The Economist

Fast forward to now, Singapore has changed tremendously over the years.

Singapore, known as one of the safest and best countries to stay in the World, has been doing well in the level of literacy and life expectancy sectors because we have:

1. One of the best healthcare infrastructures in the World.

2. Low crime rate.

3. A Good education system in place

After saying this, you will be surprised at where Singapore stands now! We are looking really good down the list !

Check out this list adapted from The Economist Intelligence Unit, the think tank associated with The Economist magazine, has researched and showed the World where are the top countries to be born and raised in 2013. best country to be born

Credits to The Economist

In the list, we are surprised that the only two Asian countries to make it to the Top 10 are Singapore and Hong Kong. With Singapore standing at 6th, beating America at 16th and Malaysia at 36th.

Despite the rise of cost of living in Singapore, Singapore is a great place to stay. May Singapore continue to do well in the other sectors and benefit the young and the old living in the country.

Sweden standing strong at No. 4 is one of the most successful countries that is able to obtain a work-family balance. That is because Sweden is pro-family and encourages parents to spend time with their children. It has a highly developed and flexible parental leave scheme where Mothers get 18 months of paid maternity leave and Fathers get two months of paternity leave. That is also why mothers continue to stay in the workforce after childbirth. We hope Singapore will develop more initiatives for young families and also, encourage woman to to stay in the workforce by offering more incentives and benefits to help them cope with the cost of raising a child.

What’s your take on this piece of news? Share with us your views by commenting below.

By Crystal Tan | Source credits to The Economist Intelligence Unit

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