Falling While Pregnant

accident at home_480A recent study revealed that at least one quarter of women reported falling at least once during their pregnancy! Its no secret that many women feel like major klutzes during the whole nine months of pregnancy – especially during the last trimester when they’re literally waddling about. The added weight is definitely a huge factor to that loss of balance. There are also ligament and joint shifts to contend with, and you will find your posture changing as your pregnancy progresses.

There’s also evidence that pregnant women generally rely more on visual cues to keep their balance, so being mindful of your surroundings and having adequate lighting in the room will definitely help. Remember that your coordination and reaction time may be slower than usual, so don’t put yourself in situations where you need to rush for time or have a high risk for falling. Take special care when walking on wet, uneven or steep surfaces, when climbing up and down stairs, and as you are doing housework at home.

While it’s true that baby is cushioned fairly comfortable and safely by many layers of fat and muscle in your tummy, it’s still wise to check in with a doctor for a routine evaluation if you have a fall, especially if you hit any part of your abdomen.

By Dorothea Chow

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