Fears of New Parents

carrying baby_sEvery new parent experiences some level of fear or anxiety about becoming a newly-minted Dad or Mum. After all, next to marriage and that first job, this is one of the most life-changing encounters we will ever have in our lifetime. We asked a few parents to share with us their number one fear about having a baby. Here’s what they said…

“My greatest fear was definitely dropping my newborn baby during bath time.”

– Pang Li Yee, mother of three

“I had a bit of spotting when I was 7-8 months pregnant with my first. I freaked out a bit, and was so worried I couldn’t carry my baby to full-term. Funny thing is, he finally came out later than the due date.”

– Christabel Tam, mother of two

“Dropping her ranked high on the list. Especially when I was bathing her and the water made the tub slippery. I think the fear was intensified when I heard a story of how a mother dropped her daughter at the market. Since then, the daughter had become mentally handicapped.

In fact, until now, I am still afraid I’ll drop my kids. Especially when I carry them back to their beds after they fall asleep on mine – because they have grown heavier and longer.”

– Spencer Tan, father of three

“Commitment for the next 21 years of her life! That was scary to imagine.”

– Sharon Szto, mother of two

“She was so delicate! I was so afraid I would accidentally drop her, or that I wasn’t supporting her neck enough, so that it was hanging off her tiny neck.

I also kept checking that nothing was blocking her nose when she was sleeping, because I was afraid she might suffocate.”

– Eeleen Lin, mother of one

“I was in awe of the life-time change that her arrival would bring. It would turn our lives upside down! (And it has!) ”

– Lindy Teo, mother of one

“My greatest fear about becoming a mum was that I would say or do something wrong, and the little one would copy me!”

– Ong Xin Yi, mother of one

“I was afraid she would have some form of disability.”

– Willy Ong, father of two

“I feared that I would lose my sense of self.”

– Lyn Lee, mother of two

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