This Toddler Will Make You Re-evaluate Your Life

Grace Anna Rodgers

Grace Anna Rodgers, a 4 year old little girl – lively and adorable – has a rare condition. She has a rare form of dwarfism known as Conradi-Hunermann syndrome which affects one in every 100,000 – 200,000 babies. She was born blind due to cataracts and had to deal with many health complications. Grace Anna has been in and out of surgery for years.

Since Grace Anna’s birth, her parents have been working hard, trying to help her daughter live a life just like a young preschooler. Despite her health condition, Grace Anna is a optimistic child who loves to sing. Her mother uploaded a video of her singing just for her family members, not knowing that she will go on to become a YouTube sensation when the video took flight and went viral.

She is one that inspired many people – sick people, parents with disabled children, people down on their luck, heartbroken people, people who are depressed and the list goes on . . .

“She is an inspiration to me. I’m a left leg above knee amputee and I somewhat complain but this little one makes you thankful for what we do have. I may not be able to walk but I wake up every morning. Keep up the singing little one.”

– Tina Keller

“I just can’t get enough of her precious singing. She is so adorable and such an inspiration.”

– Melanie Wilkerson

“hard to believe such a young person makes everyone happy but she does..i love watching her videos and she warms my heart each and every time.”

– Rebecca Lucas Mills

“This little girl is soooo precious! And even on one of my worst days (like today) she always makes me smile! Thank you so much for sharing your precious angel & making our world a little brighter!”

– Sheila Diane Ogle

Watch how she sang ‘You Are My Sunshine,’ makes us happy when skies are gray!

Grace Anna really inspire us to look on the right side of life. Take a little time off today to re-evaluate your life.

By Crystal Tan

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