Kids Preanie Caps

Silentearth Clothing Co

Do your kids run off or go wandering in the middle of a crowded beach? Do you find yourself starting to panic because you can’t see them in a sea of people? Well SilentEarth Clothing Co. created The Preanie Cap just for your little explorer. It’s made from 100% Neoprene Material so it’s soft and comfortable for your little critters. It’s also

Heat Resistant
Light Weight
Strong Stitch
Quick Dry

It can handle any type of weather. Your little munchkins can even go swimming with this cap on and because its bright fluorescent colors, you can see them easily! This Preanie Cap helps to keep your kids well protected and safe.

Available in amazon at AUS $24.95 each.


Extra Small: 52cm
Small: 54cm
Medium: 56cm

Check out this video to see how awesome Preanie Cap is:


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