Month To Month Pregnancy Guide

changes in the body during pregnancy

Jubilee Edition:

As you embark on this new journey as a new parents, there will be many uncertainties ahead. Fret not! This month to month pregnancy guide will help you breeze through your nine months of pregnancy so that you can be a prepared, confident and healthier mum!

In this pregnancy guide, you can expect to find:

– Month-to-month Advice
Wise words from the Doctors & Experienced Mum on the changes in your body and the developing child.

12 Things Dad Should Avoid Saying To New Mums!
No matter what you do, these are the things you should AVOID saying to a new mother!
Page 17

– How Much does a Baby Costs in His First Few Years?
You will definitely be surprised with the costs of raising a child in Singapore!
Page 22

– 10 Tips For decorating The perfect Nursery
Designing your own nursery room can be so much fun! But where do you begin? These tips will help you plan and prepare ahead.
Page 28

– Epidural pain relief For Labour
Does an epidural really help out with the pain of giving birth? Dr choo wan Ling tells you more about epidural and how does it work.
Page 32

– Best Maternity Hospitals in Singapore
Where is the best place to deliver? Different mothers share about their own delivery experiences at the different local hospitals.
Page 39

Choosing The Right School For Your Baby
Finding a quality infant care service with dedicated teachers and a safe environment for your baby? Check this out!
Page 44

To read the guide, kindly visit New Age Pregnancy Month to Month Guide 2015.

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