SBCC Baby & Child Clinic


Established in 1980, SBCC Baby & Child Clinic is a leading paediatric group that provides quality and comprehensive medical services for children in Singapore.

Our paediatric clinics are located in all major private hospitals and several housing estates.

In SBCC, we believe there are many sub-specialty areas, e.g. cardiology, neurology, asthma, allergy, gastroenterology, growth and mental development, which require special attention in order to deliver better care.

Our paediatricians have been specially trained in these areas and our nurses and clinics are equipped to support them


SBCC Baby & Child Clinic @ Gleneagles Medical Centre
6 Napier Road, #09-05
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499
Tel: 6235 6706
Fax: 6734 8898

SBCC Baby & Child Clinic – Asthma, Lung, Sleep & Allergy Centre
6 Napier Road, #04-15
Gleneagles Medical Centre
Singapore 258499
Tel: 6475 0820
Fax: 6475 1903

SBCC Baby & Child Clinic – Neurology Centre
SBCC Baby & Child Clinic – Growth & Endocrinology Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth, #12-14
Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre
Singapore 228510
Tel: 6732 2292
Fax: 6738 3793

SBCC Baby & Child Clinic @ Mount Alvernia Medical Centre
820 Thomson Road, #01-01/02
Mount Alvernia Medical Centre (Blk A)
Singapore 574623
Tel: 6354 1922
Fax: 6354 2755

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