This Kitty Saves An Abandoned Baby

Cat rescue an abandoned baby

In recent years, more cases of baby being abandoned have been reported all over the World. And here’s one – A baby boy that is about 12 weeks old has been intentionally left in a box that was meant for the stray cat. This incident happens on a staircase in an apartment block in Russia (Obninsk).

The kitty returned to the box and found a baby in its ‘home’. This cat did what his parents failed to do, it kept the baby warm and cuddly for hours while purring loudly. Little did we know what the cat is saying, but the constant cries of the cat attracted the attention of a woman living in the same building, who happens to be a nurse. An ambulance was called in and the cat stayed around looking over the baby. It was reported that the cat followed the paramedic and attempted to jump into the ambulance to follow the baby to the hospital.

Cat rescue abandoned baby

The baby has been reported to be well and healthy. The police officers are looking for the parents of the baby. The kitty is indeed the saviour of the baby.

It seems that the cat has develop a love for the baby. Such a pity, who will be so cruel to abandon their baby? Tell us what you think by commenting below!

By Crystal Tan | Photos by Daily Mail

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