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Diaper changing will never be the same once your baby learns how to flip, roll or crawl. In the pre-potty training days, a good diaper not only makes your baby feel comfortable and happy, it will also make your life easier too. We find out what makes Tollyjoy Diaper Pull Up Pants the perfect fit.

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Right to the last drop

With an extra dry Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) at the top layer, this fast and powerful absorption will draw away any amount of urine quickly. For those heavy-flow nights, the special side 3D leakguards gives an added leakage control.

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Thin, light and breathable

The thin and breathable soft material allows air to ventilate through, so that your baby’s skin is able to ‘breathe’ at night. When is the right time for a nappy change? Just look out for the wetness indicator stripe. When the stripe turns from yellow to bluish-green, it means the diaper is wet and time for a new one!

When she tried the diaper on her 10 month old son, Wang Zihua, 32, was relieved and happy to have leakage-free nights. “The diaper was absorbent and I liked how the inside material was soft and gentle to touch. My boy had no signs of diaper rash after wearing it for two weeks.”

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As snug as a butt

You don’t have to worry about the diaper inhibiting your baby’s movements because the flexible and stretchy contoured waistband is designed to fit snugly on your baby’s waist, allowing them to move around freely.

Charlene Go, 29, a mother of two, found the diaper to be absorbent and likes how it fits her baby snuggly. “I used it overnight (12hrs) for my 1 year-old and it did not leak nor did it cause any rashes. The stretchable waistband and leg gathers fits him nicely, without leaving any red marks on his skin. The seam is easy to tear off, and the disposable tape at the back made it easy to roll and tape the soiled diaper for disposal.”

Size sheet
M Size: 7 – 10 kg – 24 pieces bag
L Size: 9 – 13kg – 22 pieces per bag
XL Size: 13 – 17 kg – 20 pieces per bag

Tollyjoy Diaper Pull Up Pants is available in M, L and XL sizes. Retailing at $9.90 per pack for all sizes. Get them at retail store Big Box Hypermart (Jurong East) and Mustafa Centre, or online stores, Sosoon, Redmart & Qoo10.

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