Week 35 Of Pregnancy: Bottoms Up

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What’s happening inside

Brain development is racing ahead, resulting in baby looking rather top heavy on the whole. But even with his ‘big head’, baby’s skull is still soft enough to allow him to squeeze through your birth canal during labour.

Maternal Changes

Most babies have settled into a head-down, bottom-up position by now, also called a vertex presentation, all set for their debut into the world. If your baby is in breech position, you’re bound to be anxious if you were hoping for a natural vaginal delivery. But don’t give up yet – some babies are constantly on the move and don’t settle into a fixed position until mere days or even hours before birth!

A Matter of Fact

There is always the possibility that your baby will be in breech position, and most gynaes and hospitals would recommend that a caesarean is the safest way to go.

Tips for daddy

It’s good to have a birth plan, but it’s even more important that you be flexible enough to roll with the unique punches labour throws at you. Discuss your options as a couple together with your gynae so you are as prepared as possible for all eventualities on the actual day.

A quote for mummy-to-be

Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers… strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.
– Barbara Katz Rothman

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