10 Fun And Enriching Classes For Your Toddler

enrichment classes for toddler

Being a toddler is not easy – it is a time of intense learning, not only of physical skills but learning language, social and emotional skills. While interaction with parents and family members are important, parents can also consider sending your toddler for classes to give your child a chance to interaction with other children around their age. Besides, exploring a new environment and having a different way of learning can bring much fun and enrichment to your toddler.

If you are thinking of sending your child for more fun and learning, here are some suggested classes for them!

brain development program for toddler

#1 Brain development

These classes are usually thematic-based, with a focus on helping the toddler to engage his five senses and explore. It is largely based on that exploring (or simply, play) helps with brain development and different service providers have their own proprietary curriculum. Some schools focus on building different type of intelligences for the toddler such as physical, spatial and language skills.

toddler love dancing

#2 Dance

There are dance classes for toddlers where they can crawl, walk or move their body in tune with music. It will be a different exposure than the random dance you do at home since your child will see to see many other children moving and grooving! Besides working on their balance, motor skills and spatial awareness, dance and movement classes might help to work on their confidence too.

enrichment courses for toddler

#3 Speech & Drama

There are speech and drama classes for toddlers conducted by experienced early childhood educators. Children can learn to associate different expressions and body language with the message they are intended to convey. Helping them to develop their confidence, ideas and creativity.

enrichment classes for toddler

#4 Music

There are music foundation classes where toddlers can move along with the music and experiment with simple instruments. Music is recognised as a way to help children learn and one of the intelligence that your child (and you) can develop! Who knows, your child might gradually pick up an instrument that he or she wants to work on for the rest of their lives?

toddler learn sign language

#5 Sign language

Learning sign language has been studied to help a child to express himself better and therefore, better manage his emotions due to less frustration. It is also a fun way to learn motor skills and new vocabulary. Learning sign language for toddlers is often accompanied by music, therefore making it a fun and engaging experience for your toddler.

how to help children love chinese

#6 Chinese language

Chinese language for the young ones focus on speech and learning to listen for the different tones in the language. It may be combined with music and songs too. Many children grow to dislike Chinese and getting your child started early might be a great way to help them develop a love for it.

increase children language fluency

#7 English language

Learning new vocabulary via play, nursery rhymes or flashcards and being in an environment where certain words are associated with pictures, music or movement helps to engage your child. Some classes teach phonics in a fun way the child can understand and have fun in.

swimming with toddler

#8 Exercise-related

There is a wide range of exercise classes for your toddler which are fun and present new challenges for the child’s motor development. These include:

– Dance classes
– Gym classes
– Swimming classes
– Yoga classes

sensory engaging activity

#9 Sensory Play

There are classes for toddlers to build and create with safe and stimulating materials. These interactive play are designed to engage more than one of the five senses. It is a different experience given that these classes offer materials and an environment which may not be practicable to replicate at home.

fun painting for toddler

#10 Art & Craft

These classes offer art and craft inspiration for your toddler and with materials that they can easily work with. The toddler can practice his fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and also learn new vocabulary about the objects.

Enrichment classes are no replacement for time spent with parents and they are often designed for parents to participate with the child, so choose a class that you will enjoy too!

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