What Are The Items To Pack In Your Diaper Bag?

what to pack in your diaper bag

Going out with your little baby can be an exciting, fun and happy experience. They get different stimulation when they are exposed to different situations and environment. However, going with your baby can become frustrating if you forget to bring the necessities they need for the day, especially when ‘accidents’ happened!

Are you prepared for it? What are the items you should pack in your diaper bag? Check them out now!

Spare set of baby clothes

You will be glad that that you have brought along an extra set of clothes because babies are not spill-proof nor stained-proof! Accidents like spills, vomit, overflow diaper (including their poo poo) or stains can happen anytime and anywhere, especially when you least expected it. Be on the safe side and bring 2 sets if you are out for the whole day.

Baby wipes

You can use baby wipes for almost any occasions – wiping baby’s hand, body and face. Unless you are away from home, we do not recommend frequent usage on baby’s dedicate skin as most wipes contain chemicals that can react with baby’s skin.
If your baby has sensitive skin, the next item on the list will be more suitable for your baby.

Handkerchief or small-sized cloth

A clean hanky can comes in handy when you need to clean your baby’s face or body, wipe away their saliva or sweat, clean their utensils and the best part is, you can use it to entertain your baby when they are bored (our favourite is a silly game of peek-a-boo).


A bib will be a necessity for your weaning baby! You really don’t want them to make a big mess or dirty the precious little clothes that they are wearing.

Nursing cover

If you are breastfeeding your child, don’t forget your nursing cover! We will love to breastfeed on the go and a nursing cover provides some privacy, especially when you are nursing in public places.

Baby’s Food: Milk bottles & formula or home-made Food

And if your baby is on formula feeding, don’t forget to bring along their bottles and milk powder. A thermos-flask filled with hot water will come in handy if you are heading to places without nursing rooms.

Baby Food Scissor

If your baby has started on solids, baby food scissor is an essential and super tool for parents! It helps you to cut food into smaller pieces quickly, which means you and your baby can enjoy your meals together!

Snacks/ Finger foods

A little tactics to make your journey a smooth one, is to prepare light snacks or healthy finger foods for your baby. Trust us, these finger foods will keep your cranky toddler busy. These scrumptious finger foods are healthy and great choices for your baby. Don’t forget their water bottle too!


Every parents might have a preference on how long they wait till they change their baby’s diaper. Every 2 hours will be great gauge. So if you are going to be out for 6 hours, you might want to bring along 3 – 5 diapers. Bring along your diaper rash cream, just in case there’s a need for it.

Nappy Disposal System

Diaper disposal bag

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find a trash bin to dispose your baby’s soiled diaper, especially in an outdoor environment. The last thing all parents want, is to keep the soiled diaper (especially if your baby has pooed in the diaper) in the bag first and dispose the soiled diaper at a later time. Trust us, get a biodegradable nappy disposal bag to store soiled diapers or even dirty clothing without leaving any stench behind.

If you haven’t heard about diaper disposal bag, check out QuickGrab Fragranced Nappy Disposal Bags!

Changing mat

A portable changing mat works wonder because it means you can change your baby anytime and anywhere. It is also great to use the mat on changing station in nursery room to protect them from germs.

Hand sanitizer

A small bottle of hand sanitizer will keep the germs at bay, especially if you are going to handle your baby’s food after an outdoor activity or after a diaper change.

Baby Toy or favourite stuffed animal

Bring along your baby’s favourite and trusty teddy because it can give them comfort, help to relieve some crankiness and also, help them to fall asleep. Just make sure it is one that can fit into your diaper bag!

Pacifiers (if your baby uses one)

Don’t forget your baby’s precious little pacifier. You wouldn’t want to deal with a cranky baby who relies on a pacifier to fall asleep. Just remember to keep them clean by storing it with their cover on.

Sweater or Blanket

It can be hot and/or cold in Singapore, depending on where you are heading to. But it is always good to bring along something cosy for your little baby like a sweater or a blanket to keep them warm.

A spare top for yourself

Yes, this is for you! A spare top will be extremely helpful in case of an ‘accident’. So bring along a comfy one for yourself!

With this list, you are ready for a fun and exciting day out with your little one!


By Crystal Tan


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