Life Lessons That Dads Can Teach

Life lesson taught by fathers

Dad can teach their children many lessons in life better than the teachers in school. That is why parents are usually the child’s first teacher. Raising a child with great wisdom and character is not difficult. Uphold your beliefs and values and you will be the role model for your child.


Check out some of these awesome characters that we can instill in our children:


1. Attentiveness – Showing respect to the person or task by giving your fullest attention and time.


2. Benevolence – Having a heart of gold by giving a part of you or material things to help someone who needs it more than you do.


3. Cautiousness – Be careful and practice caution in any situation.


4. Creativity – Thinking out of the box and be bold to think and/or do things differently.


5. Decision-maker – Learning how to make wise decisions for themselves that upholds their values and virtue and not be bind down by monetary gains.


6. Diligence – Putting in extra effort and work hard towards a task or objective.


Life lesson taught by fathers
7. Flexibility – Be receptive to changes and accept new and improve ideas.


8. Forgiveness – Having a big heart by letting things go and not holding on to grudges.


9. Gratefulness – Be grateful to the small and big things in life, understand that life itself is a blessing.


10. Initiative – Taking the first step to do things without reminders or other’s plea.


11. Loyalty – Being faithful staying true to your values, family, friends and spouse.


12. Perseverance –To keep going when the tough get going. Don’t give up easily.


13. Patience – Being calm and tolerant towards difficult circumstances and situations.


14. Respectful – Learning how to respect others first especially the different culture and religion as well as the elderly and women and you will naturally gain respect from others.


15. Responsibility – Knowing what is expected of them and being accountable for all their actions.


16. Self-control – Taking good control over own temper and actions.


17. Selfless – Rendering help towards others and stand up for the weak. They should learn how to put others before themselves.


18. Sensitivity – Be understanding and considerate towards others feeling, culture or any personal beliefs through their actions and words.


19. Self-reliant To be an independent individual without the need to depend on others.


20. Thriftiness – Taking the effort to save up and not spend unnecessarily.


21.Truthfulness – Be true to self and to others. Don’t lie.


22. Wisdom – Seeking new knowledge and understanding to improve self or others and be on par with new trends, research and technologies.


It is important to know that Dad can teach children the skills, knowledge, wisdom to provoke their beliefs, thinking and also, show them the right attitude that will empower them to succeed in life. Not forgetting that Mums can be the one teaching them these skills as well. It takes a village to raise a child. Be the involve parent in your child’s life!


What we have shared is just the tip of the ice-berg. Share with us your views and perspectives.


Written by Crystal Tan

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