Baby Food Recipe: How To Make Sweet Potato Purée In 5 Easy Steps

Baby’s First Food: Guide to Making Sweet Potato Puree

recipe for baby's first foods

Apart from Avocados, sweet potatoes are also one of the foods commonly introduced to baby when they first begin solids at 4 to 6 months old.

Sweet potato is one of the best foods for baby. Because:

~ It is packed full of nutrients like Potassium, Vitamin E, Calcium, Folate and are high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene.
~ The natural light sweetness of the sweet potatoes makes it very delicious and creates a pleasant experience for your little as he begins the weaning stage.
~ Most importantly, the sweet potatoes are high in Fiber content which will aid your little one’s digestive system and bowel movement!

It’s so easy to make sweet potato puree, let’s get it done in 5 simple steps! Let’s begin!


1. Washed and peel the sweet potato

how to steam sweet potato for baby

2. Cut into small chunks and place it in a steamer

making puree for baby

3. Steam until it is soft and mash it

sweet potato for baby

4. Add breastmilk or formula milk to get desire consistency

how to steam sweet potato for baby

5. Serve it now!

making puree for your baby


~ Use baby sweet potato as seen in the photograph. As it is small, it can be easily finished and you need not worry about how to keep the left over fresh
~ A steamer blender can be used to prepare the puree which will make it easy and fast to prepare

Remember! Do not feel dishearten if your little one seems to dislike the puree or even reject it by puking it out. It usually takes several days to a week for your baby to get use to the texture as well as the taste before he learns to enjoy it. Don’t forget to keep a watchful eye on him to see if there are any allergic reactions whenever you introduce new food.

Enjoy this process because soon your baby will either be fighting to try your food or rejecting to try new foods. 

By Yi Jun

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