They Sell Off Their Stillborn’s Crib But Got A Surprise In Return

mothers deliver to a stillborn

All was good, Valerie Watts was expecting her baby, Noah, in a couple of weeks. Like all excited mums, she has already bought a lot of baby products and furniture for her bundle of joy. But things did not stay that way. Days leading to her delivery, she noticed that the baby was not moving as much as before. She was distraught after receiving the news that she has delivered a stillborn. Apparently, Noah’s umbilical cord had become pinched in the womb.

Valerie is coping with the loss of their child and held a garage to sell off the baby’s products. The garage sale attracted a local craftsman, Gerald Kumpula who was interested to purchase the baby’s crib. Though Valerie was reluctant to part with the crib, he eventually sold it to Gerald and shared with them about her lost son. She didn’t expect a pleasant and touching surprise to knock at her door-step.

By Crystal Tan

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