Wearing High Heels During Pregnancy – Is It Safe Or Should It Be Avoided?

pregnancy what you should avoid

During pregnancy any heels should be avoided! Yes, you have probably heard that very often but do you know the reason why? Dr Gordon Lim, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist from Gleneagles Hospital sheds some lights on wearing heels during pregnancy.

Is it safe to wear high heels when I’m pregnant?

Generally it is not safe to wear high heels from the mother’s point of view. The risks would mainly affect mothers who wear heels during pregnancy, but it can also have an indirect impact on the pregnancy and baby too. The higher the heels, the greater the risks and effects. It’s best to stick with flats during pregnancy, but for certain reasons where you need to be in heels, then stick with the lowest heels and only during the first trimester would be advisable. From the second trimester onwards, all heels should be avoided.

What are some risks and effects associated with wearing high heels? Is there increased risk when wearing them when one is pregnant?comfortable shoes for pregnant ladies

When a mother wears high heels, she shifts the centre of gravity of her body from the a line drawn from head to feet to one in front of the feet. This puts an extra strain on her back muscles. As a result, she may have more backaches during her pregnancy. This is especially so in the later stages when the weight of the baby has increased, and the hormones have softened the joints of the spine and pelvis. There will be a risk that she will injure certain ligaments and muscles in her back and this may affect her mobility or cause her to be laid up in bed. There is also the inevitable chance that with the extra weight due to her pregnancy, a pregnant lady may accidentally trip and injure her ankles. It is not uncommon to suffer from torn ligaments and fractures as a result of wearing high heels. Do you have to give up on your high heels? You may do so after reading the other risks and effects associated with wearing high heels.

What shoes should pregnant women wear?

The most comfortable and stretchable walking shoes would be advisable.

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