8 Crazy Ways Your Breasts Will Change During Pregnancy!

8 Crazy Ways Your Breasts Will Change During Pregnancy!


Pregnancy brings on many surprises and changes to your body and life. You may be aware of the different symptoms that will take place, such as a swollen belly and the nauseousness. However, are you aware of the changes that will take place, especially in your bosoms?


Oh well, don’t be surprised when you discover these changes in your bosoms!



1. Fullness and whole


Your belly isn’t the only thing that will be growing, your breast will get rounder and fuller through your pregnancy. By 6 to 8 weeks, you may need a few new sets of supportive bras as your usual ones does not fit anymore.


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2. Extra weight


During the pregnancy, the fats from the foods you consumed will add on to the fullness of your breast. Not only that, the milk glands in your breast will increase in volume too.


All these will not only increase your breast size, it will also bring on extra weight to your chest. You will likely to suffer from discomfort or a backache. Thus, it’s important to get yourself a few sets of supportive bars to lessen the burden. After 36 weeks, you can expect your breasts to weight two pounds (almost equivalent to a kg) heavier!


3. Stretch marks!!!


With the new-found glory, no doubt it will lead to itchiness, dryness and stretched out skin on your breast. These are the signs of developing stretch marks. To prevent stretch marks, apply a generously layer of moisturizer to both your breasts and your belly daily.


4. Visible veins on your breast


These blue veins, you don’t remember seeing them there before!


These dilated veins are common and is believed to happen due to the increase in blood supply and nutrients in your body to support your baby’s growth and development during pregnancy. In case you don’t know, your blood volume is up by 20% to 40% during pregnancy!


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5. Bumpy dark areola


Don’t freak out when you notice that your areola got larger, darker and bumpier. Chill out and understand that it’s our body’s natural way of preparing for breastfeeding. It will likely return to normal a couple of months after pregnancy.


6. The occasional leaks


Wondering what’s that yellowish substance around your nipples?


Well, that is colostrum. Commonly known as first milk and is produced around the third trimester of your pregnancy and till you start on your breastfeeding journey.


7. Sore and tender breast


The wonders of hormones and how it affect your body during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy increases blood flow and that will cause some changes in the breast tissue. Your breast may become tender and sore, and might even be painful or sensitive when touched.


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8. They will never be the same again!


After pregnancy, your breast size and areola may return to your pre-pregnancy state. However, the stretch lines and loose skin will stay with you and they will be your new-found glory for birthing a little angel.


Your pregnancy will be a crazy journey but it will also be one that is filled with tons of joy and surprises. The solution to this tense period is to worry less and look forward to meeting your little bundle of joy!


Written by Crystal Tan

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