10 Safe And Ideal Pregnancy Exercises

Exercise for expectant mumWe do know that exercise is good for our health even when we are pregnant. It will help to build muscle strength and coordination and smoothen the experience during childbirth. However, do you know which type of exercise is safe and beneficial for both mum and baby? Look no further as we explore the top 10 exercises that will keep you healthy during your pregnancy.

1. Walking

With supportive gears (comfortable shoes and clothing), brisk walking is a form of exercise that will keep you fit without giving much strain to your knees and ankles. Though it does not cause much strain to your body, it will definitely give your heart and body a good workout. Taking a walk in the park not only improve your physical health, it also relax your mind and spirit.


walking2. Swimming

Swimming is an ideal and safe form of exercise in pregnancy. It exercises your arms and legs, and works your heart and lungs. Furthermore, swimming helps counter the increased back strain from the weight gained during pregnancy. The water can support up to 90% of the body’s weight, thus the bigger your body gets, the more you will enjoy feeling weightless in the water.

mum swimming

3. Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a largely popular exercise suitable for expectant mothers after the 12th week of pregnancy. Yoga can help you cope with the toll that pregnancy can bring about as you learn how to stay calm and relax during the workout. It also heighten your ability to focus and learn how to breathe properly especially dealing with pain during childbirth. Specific postures also helps in strengthening the mind and body. No doubt that Yoga is an ideal way to stay in shape during your pregnancy too.Yoga pose

4. Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics provides a lot of toning benefits because when you do exercises in water, you are engaging your abdominal muscles as they try to keep you balanced. Without bearing the weight of your belly in the water, they is almost no restriction in holding the different poses. Thus, it will enable you to get a deeper stretch and help to further relaxed your muscles.

aerobics water

5. Stretching

Expectant mothers often suffer from many discomforts and often faced difficulties sleeping. Stretching exercises is a wonderful method for keeping your body agile and relaxed, preventing muscle strain that are common to some mums-to-be. It also improve the circulation during pregnancy. Stretching your back, hands, legs, neck and hips help to ease the tension and prevents your muscles from tightening.


6. Weight training

Weight training toughens your muscles and helps you build strengths and endurance which you need during your pregnancy and delivery. As long as you’re careful, using light weights will tone and strengthen your muscles. However, do ensure that you don’t overwork and gradually wind down your regime towards the last trimester of your pregnancy.


7. Low-impact aerobics

Doing regular, low-impact aerobic exercise in pregnancy not only helps you to improve your posture, but it also helps you to tone your muscle and strengthen your heart and lungs. Doing aerobic exercises helps you stay in good physical health while you are pregnant.


8. Dance

Dancing is a great way to work out during pregnancy as it is fun and sociable. Not only do you get to enjoy listening to the music you love, but it will keep you flexible while toning your muscles. However, avoid any forms of dance that are vigorous. Exercise that leaves you exhausted could be unsafe for you, thus take things slowly.

Pregnant ballet dancer

9. Cycling

Commuting in a Bicycle can be a particularly healthy activity for expectant mothers, cycling is consider one of the best choices because of its smooth motion and it doesn’t require you to lift, jump, or make sudden stops. Cycling helps to increase blood flow, reduce stress, produce endorphin and improve the overall cycling trip

 10. Pilates

Pilates is a highly popular exercises for expectant mothers as it helps to strengthen the core strength on the back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. It is a great exercise that targets the muscles that can weaken during pregnancy and supports a smoother delivery. It is also a highly popular exercise for pregnancy as mums get their figures back after giving birth.

Relaxed pregnant woman

Maintaining a healthy life-style coupled with physical fitness improves a woman’s stamina during delivery and aids in postnatal recovery. Although holistic well-being and benefits can be achieved through exercises, certain guidelines do need to be followed. Mothers-to-be may need to avoid high-risk sports and activities during pregnancy and always remember to stay hydrated when exercising. Do check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise regime.

By Crystal Tan

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