Top 10 Parenting Phrases We Swore We Never Use Part 1

Check out these ultimate parenting phrases that we have used before at some point of our lives as parents

but did not realize…

One day youll thank meI often wonder how long will that day arrive?

enough is enoughStop talking back, enough is enough! Oh well, once is never enough for kids thoughi am going to count to three

Oneeee.. Twooo… Threeee..

when i was a kid

Once upon a time . . . when I was your age . . .i said noLast warning!!Im your motherTrust me, no matter how you are going to dislike me, nothing is going to change. just give me a minuteHoney.. I’m coming, just wait a little longer. . .

I am not your maid

Don’t attempt to boss me around or clean up the mess you made!

just wait until you are olderAnd when you get a little wiser  where are your mannersWhere has it gone?

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By Crystal Tan

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