Tips To Stay Hydrated During Pregnancy

nutrition during pregnancyDrinking sufficient water and keeping yourself hydrated during pregnancy is extremely important. We know that water is essential to help our body function properly. Unknowingly, pregnant women and nursing mothers are usually at a higher risk of dehydration due to water loss from hyperemesis gravidarum (morning sickness) during pregnancy and from producing breastmilk for their baby.

According to Dr Choo Wan Ling, dehydration can be dangerous for both mother and the foetus. In serious cases, it can lead to low amniotic fluid and electrolyte/acid-base imbalance. Dehydration may even trigger off preterm contractions. For mothers who are breastfeeding their baby, it’s crucial to load up on your water intake. To ensure a good lactation, nursing mothers need to stay hydrated too, as breastmilk is made up of 88% of water content.

Bored of drinking water all the time, you can opt for these healthier fluid too!

fluids to aid in nauseaness

Freshly Squeezed Fruit Juices

Fruit juice are not just tasty, but it is much easier for your stomach to take it compared to plain water, especially so if you are experiencing morning sickness. Juices are also a good source of vitamins and nutrients. Freshly squeezed juice make a healthier choice compared to the packaged fruit juice that are sold in the supermarkets. A small carton of fruit juice, may contain artificial coloring and flavours, and more sugar than a cup of freshly squeezed juice.

tips to stay hydrated during pregnancy

Home-made Vegetable Juice

One of the common issue during the initial stage of pregnancy is the loss of appetite. To get sufficient nutrients and to keep yourself hydrated, you can try concocting your own vegetable-based beverage. Try blending these vegetable on its own or mix some of it together for a nutrient-pack boost – beetroot and carrot, celery and carrot or carrot and orange. These juices act as an additional nutrient intake for your body, but don’t use them as substitute for your main meals.

Water With Frozen Fruits

Add some zest and flavours to plain water by throwing in some frozen fruits. It’s not only refreshing for this humid weather, but the hint of fruity flavour makes a great appetite booster. For a start, try adding sliced frozen orange and lemon, frozen diced watermelon and kiwi or even our favourite combination – frozen strawberries and blueberries. Who wouldn’t like a yummy natural drink filled with vitamins and nutrients?

can pregnant woman drink coconut juice

Coconut Juice

A refreshing thirst-quencher, coconut water is a natural beverage loaded with many benefits for pregnant mums. According to WebMD, coconut water is a natural drink that is hydrating and contains many vitamins and nutrients. It is rich in chlorides, potassium and magnesium, which are essential nutrients for pregnant women. Many believe that it can help to relieve morning sickness, constipation and replenish essential salts in our body such as electrolytes. You may also find that coconut water is helpful in replenishing the water loss due to morning sickness.

how to make lemonade


Lemonade are great drinks that may help you curb that morning sickness during pregnancy. Research has shown that drinking lemon water brings long-term benefits, and it is well-known for its ability to improve your overall health and prevent illness. Although lemon juice is acidic, it becomes alkaline in your body after the minerals dissociate. A glass of lemon water contains 30-50 mg of vitamin C per lemon, making it a great vitamin C booster. Instead of adding a huge amount of sugar in your drink, opt for healthier choices like adding pure honey or go for unsweetened lemon water.

what kind of honey to buy

Honey Water

Honey is a healthy and natural sweetener. It possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to heal open wounds and neutralize stomach acid that causes heartburn. A natural remedy for soothing sore throat, preventing colds and relieving insomnia. Honey is also packed with many properties and nutrients that can protect both the mother and the foetus from infections and illnesses. If you are experiencing morning sickness, a cup of warm honey water is the best bet to keep you hydrated.

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Written by Crystal Tan

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